Board Reorganizes; New Chart Devised

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Board Reorganizes; New Chart Devised

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The Board of Education is considering several changes in its organizational chart, including the elimination of three administrative positions, in order to save money. What Superintendent Dale Martin called the “Cutback Chart” would eliminate the positions of Director of Communications, Purchasing Agent, and Director of Instruction along with five secretarial positions.

Martin said he doesn’t like the changes, but they -“are necessary to please the citizens and save money.”

The three administrative positions each have salaries above $40,000, and, along with the secretarial cuts, the elimination of these eight positions could save the school district about $275,000. Also to be eliminated are two custodial jobs and 10 teaching positions.

The “Cutback Chart” also changes the names of several jobs. These changes will not save the district any money. With the new organizational chart, school principals will report directly to the superintendent.