Wildcat Victory March

Alexander Sweet, a member of Northwestern’s class of 1936, wrote “Wildcat Victory” as a victory song, to be performed after a… Wildcat victory. The song was supposed to take its place next to NU’s other fight songs. Instead, it quickly dropped out of play.

Although Northwestern no longer used the melody, Bay City T.L. Handy High School rescued it from obsolesce by adopting “Wildcat Victory” as their official fight song.

After T.L. Handy closed in 1990, the musical score was nowhere to be found and only partial engravings could be found by former Handy band members.

In 2013, after extensive research, Michael Hartmann was able to locate and purchase a copy the entire original ensemble from the archives of the copyright holder. He then produced two versions of the song with most of the musical parts. There are plans to finish the song in whole in the near future.

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