Delorge Speaks To Students about Drugs and Drinking

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Delorge Speaks To Students about Drugs and Drinking

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Drugs, alcohol and the duties of a police officer were the topics of discussion when Stan DeLorge recently visited several Handy classrooms.

DeLorge, the Bay City Police Department School Liaison Officer, is one of four city officers teaching Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) at local schools. DeLorge spoke with students in health classes.

DeLorge said he believes that drug influence normally starts with tobacco products and peer pressure.

“There is no worse problem at Handy than there is at any other school,” said DeLorge. “One week Handy might have a specific problem and the next week John Glenn might.”

With major high school dances approaching the city police force is expected to be on its guard for parties. Neighbors call police for a number of reasons, including cars blocking traffic, loud music and fighting. If people use alcohol reasonably they probably won’t get busted.

The officer can give all minors a ticket for being in possession of alcohol. If there is an adult in charge of the party they can also be taken to jail. Also, if they charged money at the door, they can be fined for selling alcohol without a license.

According to DeLorge, the driver of a car can be issued a ticket if there is open alcohol in the car even if he hasn’t had a drink. The police officer can search the car by sitting in the driver’s seat and searching as far as he can extend his arms. If anything is found then the entire car except the trunk can be searched.

DeLorge explained to the students that being in law enforcement is a good field to be in. Situations sometimes get tough and when it comes down to things such as informing a parent of their child’s death, the policeman can be emotional.

“You have to cry or it will build up inside of you and you’ll get bitter.” said DeLorge adding that officers often joke around because laughing breaks the tension.


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