Fashion Trends Keep on Changing

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Fashion Trends Keep on Changing

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Clothing is the fashion that depicts the style of America, and how its society should look. Styles have changed through the years, as in the early 20’s of the fancy hat revolution to the bell bottom jeans and hip-huggers of the late 60’s.

About three years ago, the preppy clothing styles invaded society with Izods and collars that stand up. Today, almost anything goes and nothing wearable isn’t even surprising anymore.

Manager of “Brooks” clothing store, located in the Fashion Square Mall, Lynn Brozek said, “The oversized look has the attention of women all sorts of ages. Shirts with shoulder pads, a boxy look, or just too big for fit clothing is usually a sell-out! Pastels and flashy brights are the colors most popular right now.”

Anne Symons who works at the “Town and Country” clothing store said, “Black is going with everything, especially the Christmas colors red and green. The Liz Claborne collection is making it big at our store. Khaki is the color most asked for though,  jungle jewerly can go great with it!”

As indicated in last Sunday’s Bay City Times paper, baggy sweaters are big on colors. It’s the perfect sweater for those people who like nothing better than baggy comfort, complete with up-to-date style. Big, baggy sweaters can hide a multitude of sins, unless they’re teamed with the popular skinny stirrup pants, which seem show it all.

Interesting, geometric patterns are being woven into sweaters, giving some of them an almost native American-Indian flair. Designers also have gone color crazy with a wide range of “brighter-than-life” solid colored sweaters that can be as varied as crayons in a box. The sweaters layer nicely, with blouses and turtlenecks adding even more color.

“Jean jackets with studs on them are in style. Knits, or anything denim with showy studs are on the rage. We just can’t seem to stock up enough suspenders for our customers.” Lori Mack, Assistant Manager, Ups and Downs

Assistant manager of the clothing store “Ups and Downs”, Lori Mack said, “jean jackets with studs on them are in style. Knits, or anything denim with showy studs are on the rage. We just can’t seem to stock up enough suspenders for our customers.”

Owner of the crazed “Merry -Go-Round” clothing store for men and women said, “A lot of leather fringe is the newest frenzy here. The western look is the most popular requested, from skirts to even formal dresses. Whatever seems boisterous is sure to sell.”

Fashion accents that won’t go unnoticed and add that special touch to any outfit might include shiny gold or silver purses and shoes, bright socks, vivid scarves, and colorful costume jewelry.