Oldies Are Back

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Oldies Are Back

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“Shake it baby, twist and shout”, is what you’ve been hearing on the radio quite frequently. Yes, the oldies are back! One of the older groups which is receiving a lot of playing time is the Beatles. With radio stations playing many of their hits, the Beatles have once again become popular with teen-agers all over.

Their number one hit of 1964, “Twist and Shout” was and still is one of the greatest party songs, according to WIOG dee-jay, Dean Meyers. Another song of theirs has also been on the radio a lot is “Love Me Do.”

Jeni Sajdak, a sophomore, said “I think it is super that many old songs are coming back. I heard that they were great then and they definitely are now!”

The Beatles’ songs aren’t the only returning oldies. Many groups have had their songs remade by newer groups. Some of the originals still remain popular while the remake is also a hit.

One such example is the song “Mony, Mony”, originally sung by Tommy James and The Shondells, which has recently been remade by Billy Idol.

“I think it’s great that songs from the past can return and do as well in the 80’s.” Chis Lemke, Freshman

Chis Lemke, a freshman, commented “I think it’s great that songs from the past can return and do as well in the 80’s.”

Another group which has had it’s hits played an uncountable number of times since their debut in the early 60’s, is The Beach Boys. They are known for their songs about sun, surfing, and other summertime activities. With such songs as “I Get Around”, “Surfing Safari” and “Fun, Fun, Fun”, The Beach Boys have maintained popularity.

Another reason for the return of the oldies is the use of their music/words in many commercial. Commercials, ranging from food to cars, have used the older songs to appeal to the first generation listeners and to spark the interest of the second and third generations.

A classic example of a group who has three generations of fans, is the Monkees. They regained popularity by the re-run-ning of thier late 60’s television program “The Monkees.” Their recent 20th Anniversary World Tour has also leaded a hand in the Monkees’ re-captured stardom. Three of their albums from the past have re-entered the Top 40 Chart, published by Billboard Magazine.

Finally, the song “Louie, Louie” sung by The Kingsmen is still being played today after being a hit in the mid 60’s.